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In the world of project management, there are typically two types of trainings available:

  • 1) Certification Training – This is training that assists project management professionals become certified in one program or another. This may be PMP certification, Scrum master certification, Six Sigma certification, or any of a number of other certifications.

  • 2) General Leadership Training – This is training for becoming a more effective leader. This training is geared towards “leaders” of people in general. It isn’t project management specific. It is applicable to “managers” in general. In fact, the principles it teaches are often as applicable to being a parent, or a mentor of people, as they are to being a project manager or the manager of any team.

Both of these types of training are excellent and effective. Obtaining assistance from professionals for preparing for and passing a certification can take considerable time and effort off of what it would take to be prepared for such exams through personal study. Likewise, learning from the insights and research of professional instructors with regards to gaining a step-up in being an effective leader can also be quite valuable.

onTrack Project Services does not attempt to take away from, or supplant, either of these types of training. What onTrack does is add a third option:

  • 3) Leadership training that is specifically geared toward project managers’ needs and expectations.

onTrack Project Services draws from lessons learned and best practices gained through over a quarter century of project management experiences involving:

  • Projects
  • Programs
  • Product Development
  • Marketing Product Launches
  • Vendor Management, and
  • Corporate-wide Initiatives.

onTrack’s edge involves pulling together discussions of the key leadership skills that turn project managers into project leaders and then applies those skills to training on and discussions of tools and approaches that are specific to project management professionals. In this case, while the discussion topics are applicable to managers in general, they are presented with project or program managers directly in mind.

(Please realize that the term “project managers” is used broadly here to include those who manage projects or programs on either the development or marketing sides of the business.)

The Seminars are divided into a series of key project management topics. As the topics are presented, points, case studies, and lessons learned from real world experiences are shared. The discussions are enhanced through mini break-out sessions and activities.

Attendees at the seminars are invited from multiple companies. This allows for the sharing of experiences and insights from a variety of backgrounds and perspectives.

Overall, the seminars offer an excellent opportunity for project management professionals to gain valuable insights from training materials and topics that are geared specifically to their needs and are directly applicable to their efforts.

Attendees come away from the seminars with not just a better understanding of new tools, but of the power of the processes involved in using those tools to better lead their project teams to success.

Put succinctly, onTrack Project Services intentionally focuses on the niche that is project management, or better said, project leadership. As we like to point out, it’s one thing to be able to create a schedule. It’s something more to be able to take a team who doesn’t report to you, to commit to and meet that schedule. That is the type of area that OnTrack focuses on as it helps give project management professionals the insights and perspectives they need to successfully lead these types of project teams.

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