onTrack Project Services is the brainchild of Doug Nufer. Doug found that when he pursued on-going project management training, the available offerings seemed to fall into two categories.

1) Certification Training. This is training on becoming certified as a PMP, CSM, Six Sigma specialist or other key certifications

2) Generic “Leadership” Training. This training that provides guidance and tools for those who manage people.

Both of these types of trainings can be excellent and cover areas that project management professionals can benefit from.

However, once a person has been certified, certification training loses a degree of it significance or urgency. Likewise, while generic leadership training can be excellent, project management professionals find themselves needing to pick and choose the relevant topics and approaches that make sense for the work they have before them.

This is particularly true with regards to leadership training that assumes the person is managing a team of people who they also have directly HR responsibility for. Project and Program Managers rarely lead teams that report to them for their performance reviews, bonus discussions and such. In his 25+ years of managing projects and programs, Doug has been keenly aware that project management professionals need to be able to be coached on how to motivate teams that don’t directly report to them.

Drawing on this awareness, Doug formed onTrack Project Services as a means to provide leadership training that is specifically geared to project management professionals. Throughout his career, Doug has written numerous project management tools, documents, and internally used books on best practices and lessons learned, as well as presentations given at various “Lunch and Learn” events.

Doug officially incorporated onTrack Project Services in 2012. The following 18 months were spent researching, and interviewing numerous other project management professionals for their insights, opinions and feedback. onTrack’s objective is to provide project management training for project management professionals, that has actually been designed by project management professionals.

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